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I like to have avatars shown for people who com­ment on my blog. Word­Press sup­ports the gravatar ser­vice nat­ively so enabling this is very easy. How­ever it comes with a cost — access­ing extern­al files from anoth­er domain adds lots of extra load time in the form of new DNS look­ups, new SSL con­nec­tions to make, etc. Would­n’t it be nice to have gravatars stored loc­ally and served from your own serv­er. Well that’s what I’ve been doing for some time now, if you’d like to know how, read on…

In case you’re still won­der­ing just why you’d want to do this, let me offer a few more bene­fits — images served loc­ally can be com­pressed before serving them, for example ‑all my images are con­ver­ted into webp ver­sions, and any browser which sup­ports webp gets the webp ver­sion. This is in addi­tion to the reduc­tion from not hav­ing to con­nect to an extern­al serv­er. The loc­al resources can also have a cach­ing head­er set on them so that browsers will cache them. Gravatar does­n’t provide for a very long cache time.

I have cre­ated 3 cus­tom func­tions, which I simply place in my theme’s functions.php. The first is a cus­tom fil­ter for the nat­ive word­press get_avatar(). The second grabs avatars from gravatar and google when called upon, and the third cre­ates a daily cronjob which refreshes the gravatars — in case they’ve been changed, or a pre­vi­ously unavail­able one is now available.

You will need to do a little bit of tinker­ing to make it com­pat­ible with your theme — I use the “bones” frame­work as you’ll notice in the 3rd func­tion I’ve reused some code that it provided. You will also need to cre­ate, or cus­tom­ise the path to store the gravatars, which in my case are stored in the theme folder in the sub­path “/library/images/gravatars/”

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