0Media Player Classic - Home Cinema LogoDecoding Interlaced VC-1 with DXVA

A couple of days ago version 1.6 of Media Player Classic – Home Cinema was released.  Although I don’t use MPC-HC, I do keep an eye on the releases as it can be a useful back-up when a file wont play.  It’s been quite a long time since the last official release so I had a quick scan of the changelog and one thing immediately leaped at me: “VC-1 DXVA Decoder now decodes VC-1 interlaced material”.  Until now there has been no open source x64 codec that will decode interlaced VC-1.  Finally having this available completes coverage for all the media files I have ever tried to play.  Hopefully this will also get added to ffdshow tryouts and LAV Video in the near future.

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