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As I’ve documented in the past, I have several HTPC’s running Windows Media Center.  I also use MediaBrowser for TV series and movies ripped from disk.  I’ve found that MediaBrowser works much better with an external player than the internal player – performance seems to be superior – so I use Media Player Classic Home Cinema.  I also have several Media Center remote controls for use with the various HTPCs, and one of the most frequently used pairs of buttons are the “jump” or “skip” buttons which in media center jump the current playback forward by 30 seconds or back by 30 seconds.  This is really handy for skipping adverts in recorded TV.  However, under default installation settings these keys don’t work when playing videos in MPC-HC.  After much trial and error I finally figured out the correct configuration

  • Open MPC-HC
  • Go to “view” and select “options”
  • Under “player” select “keys”
  • Scroll down to “Jump Forward (medium)” and then scroll to the right to the “App Command” column
  • Click in the column and in the pull-down options that appear select “MCE_MEDIA_NEXTTRACK”
  • Now set “Jump Backward (medium)” to “MCE_MEDIA_PREVIOUSTRACK” using the same method
  • Click OK to exit the settings

This has worked with my remotes, but of course different remotes may need a different setting.  If you find different settings work for you please drop a comment below and let us know, cheers.

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