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As I’ve doc­u­mented in the past, I have sev­er­al HTPC’s run­ning Win­dows Media Cen­ter.  I also use Medi­aB­rowser for TV series and movies ripped from disk.  I’ve found that Medi­aB­rowser works much bet­ter with an extern­al play­er than the intern­al play­er — per­form­ance seems to be super­i­or — so I use Media Play­er Clas­sic Home Cinema.  I also have sev­er­al Media Cen­ter remote con­trols for use with the vari­ous HTPCs, and one of the most fre­quently used pairs of but­tons are the “jump” or “skip” but­tons which in media cen­ter jump the cur­rent play­back for­ward by 30 seconds or back by 30 seconds.  This is really handy for skip­ping adverts in recor­ded TV.  How­ever, under default install­a­tion set­tings these keys don’t work when play­ing videos in MPC-HC.  After much tri­al and error I finally figured out the cor­rect configuration

  • Open MPC-HC
  • Go to “view” and select “options”
  • Under “play­er” select “keys”
  • Scroll down to “Jump For­ward (medi­um)” and then scroll to the right to the “App Com­mand” column
  • Click in the column and in the pull-down options that appear select “MCE_MEDIA_NEXTTRACK”
  • Now set “Jump Back­ward (medi­um)” to “MCE_MEDIA_PREVIOUSTRACK” using the same method
  • Click OK to exit the settings

This has worked with my remotes, but of course dif­fer­ent remotes may need a dif­fer­ent set­ting.  If you find dif­fer­ent set­tings work for you please drop a com­ment below and let us know, cheers.

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