0Antec Fusion Remote HTPC Case LogoMarch-2012 Updates

There have been quite a few updates in March that we’ve not had time to write about, below is a quick summary

Firefox 11

  • Not many changes of significance
  • Addons can by synced and firefox can import from chrome
  • Changelog


  • Mainly bugfixes
  • Support for RealVideo/RealAudio, SIPR, VP30/31, WMV3 DXVA, ALAC
  • Changelog

LAV Splitter 0.50.1

Media Center Master 2.0

  • Lots of new features

MCEBuddy 2.1.5

  • Dymanic Range Compression levelling
  • Drag n Drop support
  • audio and video stream selection
  • Changelog

Adobe Flash Player 11.2

  • Multithreaded video decoding

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