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0adobeRestoring Adobe Application Manager updates

In a recent update to Creative Suite 6 Adobe have changed the functionality of the Application Manager.  This used to launch the same Application Updates window that is available when selecting Help: Updates from within any Adobe App, but it now launches a login window for Creative Cloud, which not all CS6 users have or want.  A simple change will have the original functionality restored

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0adobe acrobat pdf logoAdding searching of PDF file contents from Windows search

Windows 7 (and Vista) include a search system that can search not just file names, but the contents of files.  Microsoft Office documents are all supported by default, however PDF files are not.  Adobe provide a plugin which is included with Adobe Reader 9 (and newer) which enables this functionality.  However a 64bit plugin is not included.  Adobe now provide version 9 of their iFilter for x64 64bit systems which is freely downloadable

2Mozilla Firefox LogoRemoving Firefox plugins, addons & extensions

Nearly 18 months ago I wrote a brief note about how to remove certain firefox plugins, addons and extensions which don’t have a “remove” button in the Add-ons manager.  I have updated and added to the original list, and will continue to add any further plugins I encounter here.  If in doubt there is usually no harm done by leaving or removing any plugins, addons or extensions.  I advise removing all of those that you don’t use as they are using memory and processing resources and slow firefox down.  In some cases the stability of the browser can even be undermined by plugins…. Read Full Article

0Flash Flv LogoPlaying downloaded FLV’s

I recently had a problem with 2 PCs which appeared to be configured identically, but whilst one would play a FLV downloaded from youtube, the other would fail. Some other FLVs played OK on both systems. After much further investigation I discovered that the activeX version of flash player on 1 of the PC’s was up-to-date, but on the other was not.
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