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I recently had a prob­lem with 2 PCs which appeared to be con­figured identic­ally, but whilst one would play a FLV down­loaded from you­tube, the oth­er would fail. Some oth­er FLVs played OK on both sys­tems. After much fur­ther invest­ig­a­tion I dis­covered that the act­iveX ver­sion of flash play­er on 1 of the PC’s was up-to-date, but on the oth­er was not.

Both PCs have fire­fox as the main browser and the fire­fox plu­gin was up-to-date on both, but it appears that an up-to-date ver­sion of the IE act­iveX plu­gin is required for 3rd party pro­grams like Real Play­er. Updat­ing the active‑X fixed video playback

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