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3.2 Monetise

You’ve done the hard work so why not make a little bit of money

3.2.1 Accept donations

Add a paypal donate button somewhere. I advise setting the donation amount quite low, people can always contribute more.  We also recommend putting this on a page somewhere, and not on your home page.  New visitors are highly unlikely to donate, whereas your regular readers will find the donate button on their return visits.  We recommend putting it on your about page, where it’s easy to find but not obtrusive.  You can use a plugin to do this for you, for example donate plus

3.2.2 Use Google Adsense

Simple and easy way to show contextual ads from google adsense. Don’t go overboard though, it will repel visitors.  Use your analytics to work out where ad placement is most effective.  There are plenty of plugins for this, but we place ads ourselves by adding the google adsense code to single.php and directly into a specific places in each page.

3.2.3 Show ads on feeds

If you’ve registered for feedburner (see section 2.2.2), you can easily enable adsense ads on the feed.

3.2.4 Ask visitors to disable their adblocker

Some users will block your ads with the browser plugin adblock.  It is easy to add a bit of code to show them a polite message in place of the ads, requesting that they disable the blocker on your site to support you.  We have adapted our own code based on the article on Joe Riggs Bloggs.

3.2.5 Use amazon associates

If you regularly discuss any products you can link to them on Amazon and if your visitors follow the link and purchase the item you will get a small commission.  This is obviously good for you, but it is also beneficial for your readers even if they have no interest in buying as they can quickly and easily get an idea what the item you are talking about looks like, costs, and is supposed to do.

3.2.6 Catch other potential affiliated links

Sign up for VigLink and install their plugin which will automatically affiliate links you haven’t already affiliated.  It can also automatically add links to unlinked content if you choose to enable the feature.  It just might gain you a little extra income for next-to-no work.

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