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I’ve used VirtualDub for many years as video tweaker / reencoder. I recently needed to edit a video and decided to try the 64bit version. All is well, except for the lack of plugins (and hence greatly reduced versatility). After digging around for quite a while I managed to locate the following selection of plugins which did the job nicely.

  • VirtualDub x64 itself can be downloaded from sourceforge.
  • I found an MPEG2 plugin for download from MegaUpload thanks to a post by ale5000 on the virtualdub forums (or use the downloads page if the MegaUpload link goes down)
  • I found a collection of x64 filters (including AC3 and Lame) here
  • And also useful is x264vfw which is available as x64 again from sourceforge (look under the x264vfw64 folder)

If I locate additional plugins I will update this post accordingly.

Update 1 (21-March-2011)

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