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I use Media Center Master and StarkCovers to manage the metadata for all my local media on my HTPC.  I like to have HD movies and DVDs use a different style of cover in stark to the style used by low quality files.  The following command script accomplishes this (and a bit more)…

CD\Program Files (x86)\Media Center Master\StarkCovers.10.28.2009
IF "%2" == "BD" goto bd
IF "%2" == "HDDV" goto bd
IF "%2" == "DVD" goto bd
IF "%2" == "mkv" goto bd
start "" /WAIT /I /SEPARATE StarkCovers.exe %1 -codec -revertjpg 3d2
goto end
start "" /WAIT /I /SEPARATE StarkCovers.exe %1 3d%2 -revertjpg

In the Media Center Master post processing options I have pointed the post-processing option to the command file, and in the parameters field I have put %F %C (without quotes!)

Basically this uses the Media Center Master detection and calls Stark differently depending on the type of file.

Stark seems to have problems using MediaInfo.dll to identify some types of files, so this command script also passes the file type detected by Media Center Master directly to Stark for the non-HD files to avoid any errors.

This Script could easily be expanded to provide for all sorts of custom cases

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