0Disable startup repair

Occa­sion­ally my HTPC gets bogged down doing some­thing and in frus­tra­tion the less tech­nic­al of the house­hold may choose to press the tempt­ing reset but­ton to get things going again.  Occa­sion­ally this upsets Win­dows 7 which attempts to launch “star­tup repair”.  Des­pite the name, ‘star­tup repair’ has nev­er repaired any star­tup prob­lems for me, but instead often causes prob­lems by chan­ging set­tings or repla­cing files I don’t want replaced.  So, I’ve decided to dis­able it

Dis­abling is sur­pris­ingly easy.  Open an admin­is­trat­ive com­mand prompt (click start, type cmd, right click on the top option that appears and select “run as administrator”)

run this com­mand: bcded­it /set {default} boot­statuspolicy ignoreallfailures

To restore star­tup repair run bcded­it /set {default} boot­statuspolicy displayallfailures


Thanks to Pooley on edugeek

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