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Fol­low­ing on from pre­vi­ous posts about my HTPC I thought I’d provide a list of what I built it with for any­one else inter­ested in build­ing a sim­il­ar machine

Com­pon­ent DetailsPriceNotes
CPUIntel Pen­ti­um Dual-Core E6300 @ 2.80GHz£60Still more than fast enough
CPU Cool­erScythe Ninja£35
MoboGiga­byte GA-EG41MF-US2H£50Does the job, and fits in uATX cases. Might be worth repla­cing chip­set heat­sink
Memory2x 1Gig Cor­sair DDR2-800£30
GPURadeon HD5450£35Pass­ive, cheap and sup­ports DXVA hard­ware accel­er­ated video play­back.
HDDWD 750Gb£45Used because it was spare. Gen­er­ally I recom­mend any quiet drives
Optic­alDVD-RW 16x£15Will soon be replaced with a BluRay read­er
SoundonboardA future upgrade will replace the onboard sound with a mod­ded high qual­ity sound­card
CaseAntec NSK2400£65Small, attract­ive, with room for stand­ard size com­pon­ents
PSUinc. with Case
FreeviewPin­nacle PCTV PCI-E 3010ix£25Not very easy to find, and drivers for Win7 are sketchy. Recom­mend altern­at­ive
FreesatCompro Video­Mate S350 PCI£25Very cheap, but its only a single tuner, a twin tuner, or a second card is recom­men­ded
OSWin­dows 7 x64£50I got this cheap as an upgrade offer as a stu­dent

Oth­er items you may want to con­sider are…
Bun­gee rope for mount­ing the HDD
Case fans (e.g. the Nex­us D12SL 120mm fan)
Chip­set heat­sink (e.g. Thermal­right HR-05)
Decent Remote con­trol, if you can find one

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