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Update: Catalyst Mobility drivers are now available for many cards from ATi. (as of Catalyst version 10.3)

It seems to be very difficult to obtain reasonably up-to-date drivers for the ATi graphics chips in many laptops. This is because the OEMs have asked ATi not to provide generic drivers direct to the end user, ostensibly to reduce support requests from users with drivers not tested by the OEM’s. This seems perfectly reasonable, but the sad fact is most OEM’s only update the drivers for a new laptop model a few times and soon abandon it as they concentrate on the next generation release. For those people trying to update their drivers to address a problem or to gain access to new features there are no clear options. Fortunately there are ways around this problem.

The first thing to check out is the Mobility Modder which provides users with the ability to patch the regular catalyst drivers available from AMD. This will solve the issue for 99% of users. In the rare situations where this doesn’t work, or causes a problem the alternative solution is as follows

  1. Locate somewhere to download the driver – e.g. for the Mobility Radeon 9700 I was dealing with I found the Catalyst 9.3 driver on DriversDown.
  2. Run the setup program to extract the driver (usually to C:\Ati\support\driver_ver)
  3. Use the driver update wizard from device manager and manually choose a driver
  4. Point the “have disk” option to the extracted folder
  5. Select the correct adaptor from the long list
  6. Once the driver has installed browse to the extracted folder and find the “ccc” (catalyst control center) folder
  7. Run the setup to install catalyst control center

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