0AMD Vision Fusion Premium LogoFixed: AMD E350 crashes & invalid boot device error

I’ve had an AMD E350 sys­tem for over a year, which I use as my primary HTPC. How­ever, in that time I’ve always had oca­sion­al Sta­bil­ity issues where the sys­tem would lock up, reboot, and fail to find the primary HDD. At first I put this down to the HDD — a Seag­ate Momentus XT, which was known to be unre­li­able when it was first released. Since Seag­ate released update firm­ware how­ever the drive has seemed to oper­ate fine, although I could­n’t rule it out. I also updated the BIOS of my Asus E35M1‑M Pro and updated all the drivers I could find, without fully resolv­ing the issue.

I always sus­pec­ted there was an issue with the SATA drivers for the mother­board but Asus haven’t released updated ones. I even­tu­ally found that there are updated drivers avail­able from AMD. Installing these has com­pletely fixed my Sta­bil­ity issues at last. If you need to update drivers for an E350 (or sim­il­ar sys­tem) then ou need to down­load the AMD chip­set drivers.  I can­’t find an intern­al link to these on AMDs down­load page, but a bit of googling even­tu­ally turned it up.  At the time of writ­ing the latest ver­sion is 12.6 — the same as the cur­rent latest cata­lyst video drivers.

Updated Oct-2013 with updated link

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