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0PSU LogoThe search for a storage server PSU

I recently posted abiout my search for a new storage server case. My next search involves finding a suitable PSU! It seems in recent years it has got much harder to find the type of hardware I like to use, probably because the fashion has been to go smaller and sleeker which is generally more possible in this era of improved performance-per-watt devices. However, if you have space and you want systems to be cool, quiet, and efficient then large is still the way to go.
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0AMD Vision Fusion Premium LogoFixed: AMD E350 crashes & invalid boot device error

I’ve had an AMD E350 system for over a year, which I use as my primary HTPC. However, in that time I’ve always had ocasional Stability issues where the system would lock up, reboot, and fail to find the primary HDD. At first I put this down to the HDD – a Seagate Momentus XT, which was known to be unreliable when it was first released. Since Seagate released update firmware however the drive has seemed to operate fine, although I couldn’t rule it out. I also updated the BIOS of my Asus E35M1-M Pro and updated all the drivers I could find, without fully resolving the issue.

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