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0PSU LogoThe perfect HTPC power supply 2020?

I recently got a new GPU for my HTPC which required a replacement power supply as the old one wasn’t suitable for powering a GPU with an 8 pin PCIe power cable. The HTPC is in use for an average of around 6 hours per day and with electricity at 15p/kWh any reduction in power at the wall works out at 33p a year per Watt. This isn’t a big saving, but if consumption is reduced by several watts the saving can add up.
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0PSU LogoThe search for a storage server PSU

I recently posted abiout my search for a new storage server case. My next search involves finding a suitable PSU! It seems in recent years it has got much harder to find the type of hardware I like to use, probably because the fashion has been to go smaller and sleeker which is generally more possible in this era of improved performance-per-watt devices. However, if you have space and you want systems to be cool, quiet, and efficient then large is still the way to go.
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