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0PSU LogoThe perfect HTPC power supply 2020?

I recently got a new GPU for my HTPC which required a replacement power supply as the old one wasn’t suitable for powering a GPU with an 8 pin PCIe power cable. The HTPC is in use for an average of around 6 hours per day and with electricity at 15p/kWh any reduction in power at the wall works out at 33p a year per Watt. This isn’t a big saving, but if consumption is reduced by several watts the saving can add up.
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0PSU LogoEfficient PSU Upgrades: HuntKey Jumper update

I spotted a much cheaper 80+ gold PSU in the ebuyer xmas sales, and decided to look up some reviews.  I found a review on anandtech which I must have somehow missed in the past.  In light of this discovery, I’ve updated my previous articles about PSU efficiency to include the HuntKey Jumper 300G (aka R90).  The price of this PSU changes the conclusions of 2 of the 4 scenarios I’ve previously detailed, and I have in fact ordered one at the discount price of £20, for use in my current server!  After taking into account that my current server PSU (an Enermax NoiseTaker 475 from 2004) is approximately 80% efficient rather than the 70% worst case I use in the articles, I’m hoping to net savings of around £20 per year.

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