0Localisation of Amazon Affiliates links

I occa­sion­ally ref­er­ence products on my vari­ous web­sites, and usu­ally link them to Amazon for any­one inter­ested in buy­ing them. A long time ago I used to link with an amazon affil­i­ates link but nev­er earned any­thing from it as my typ­ic­al read­er­ship is well dis­trib­uted around the world. Unfor­tu­nately Amazon don’t provide a way to redir­ect vis­it­ors to their loc­al amazon site whilst retain­ing to affil­i­ates pay­ments. There are vari­ous solu­tions out there but all the ones I found had issues with them, so I developed my own.

I could devel­op it into a plu­gin for release if there is suf­fi­cient demand. In the mean­time, the code is below. You will need to make some modi­fic­a­tions to make it match your site address and your amazon affil­i­ates codes

Note — the code is cur­rently early draft.  It works, but it does­n’t make use of some of the detec­tion that it can do.  It does­n’t have a set­tings page for the asso­ci­ate IDs, and it uses a hard­coded site address, rather than an invis­ible redir­ect.  It DOES how­ever use cli­ent-side javas­cript to gen­er­ate a unique redir­ect url every time to pre­vent any cach­ing sys­tems from caus­ing incor­rect loc­a­tion detection.

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