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0DVB LogicFixed: DVBLink MCE Client first tune fail

One of my many HTPC clients has had a strange problem – the first time it is tuned into a channel it fails with the common (and meaningless) Play Ready error. Changing channel once always seems to bring it back to life however. After much digging around I finally found the very straightforward solution
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0DVB LogicFixed: DVBLink media center playready message

I’ve been using DVBLink to share TV around my home for several years. Of all the issues with it, the most dreaded is the “Play Ready” error on Windows Media Center clients. The problem is this error message is meaningless – it is generated by Media Center, and just means it can’t get a signal from the tuner. The failure could be anywhere behind the scenes. Recently my 2 main clients started throwing this error completely out of the blue.
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