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0Wordpress LogoFixed: Deprecated PHP errors in wordpress dashboard

Earlier today I updated our test site, in preparation for rolling updates out to the main site.  This involved updating several plugins and replacing the “BeforeTheDeadline” plugin with Jetpack.  After completing the updates I found I was getting several error messages on the dashboard, under the “incoming links” dashboard widget, and even more errors when I tried to empty the W3 Total Cache caches.

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0Wordpress LogoFixed: Comments area disappearing in Mystique theme

I recently had a problem where the entire comments area was missing from all the posts on this blog.  When I switched back to the default twentyten theme they reappeared and at first I thought it was a problem with the mystique theme.  I switched back to mystique and disabled all of my plugins and the comments came back!  A simple process of elimination identified the culprit – The WP SEO Pager Plugin.  This plugin isn’t really necessary with the mystique theme, so I have simply removed it.  If you encounter the same problem with mystique, check you haven’t got this plugin enabled.