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0windows 8 logoscript to create and name network shares

When updating or replacing a home PC I use Windows Deployment Services (WDS) to reinstall Windows. It means I only have to maintain a single up-to-date source for all the little free apps I use (Firefox, 7zip, Kodi, etc) and makes a new setup much more painless. One of the few bugs that has irritated me for ages is the network drive map that I create has always had to be renamed manually.
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0windows 8 logoWindows shares not connected after wake fixed

I’ve had a very long standing problem where mapped drives on Windows PCs are shown as disconnected after a PC wakes from sleep or after a reboot. Clicking to open the drive results in a delay of several seconds and then the share opens. I had this problem with Windows 7 right through to Windows 10 1909. Today, thanks to a different issue, I finally cracked it.
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