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With the launch of Windows 10 Microsoft has officially killed off Windows Media Center. However, Windows Media Center was found in the early builds of Windows 10 and nothing fundamental to Windows 10 is incompatible with Media Center. This begs the question: Can Media Center be added in to Windows 10? The answer: yes!

A discussion forum on MyDigitalLife.info contains a wealth of details and most usefully of all an up-to-date installer. Installation is straight-forward. Run each of 3 command-scripts in order, as Administrator, restarting between each. In many cases it is even simpler. Using v6 of the installer I have successfully installed Media Center onto my recently upgraded Windows 10 Home laptop. I have also tested it with my primary addons: Emby and DVBLink. Both have worked without issue.

Hopefully by the time Windows Media Center completely dies (with Windows 11 maybe?) the alternatives will finally be good enough to switch.

Update: I should have noted above that Windows 10 does not include the codecs needed for LiveTV. However, LiveTV works just fine with the LAV Filters. I already had these installed on my test system so LiveTV worked straight away. Install LAV and during installation make sure to tick the .wtv option which isn’t enabled by default

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