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There is a beta (or maybe its Alpha) installer for Haali Media Split­ter x64 out and about (for links to the installer see my pre­vi­ous post on win­dows 7 x64 codecs). Sadly the unin­stall seems to be broken, which can cause havoc when try­ing to dia­gnose codec issues. To remove Haali com­pletely you need to unre­gister the fol­low­ing files manu­ally using regsvr32 /u filename (from a com­mand prompt run as admin­is­trator)

These files are usu­ally found in C:Program Files (x86)HaaliMatroskaSplitter

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2 Responses to “Uninstall Haali Media Splitter x64”

  1. gravatarJon Scaife

    I don’t know of any­thing that installs Haali x64 without ask­ing. How­ever, if it is installed the com­mands above do work. If you are run­ning Win­dows Vista or Win­dows 7 you will need to open the com­mand prompt as an admin­is­trator. To do so click on start and in the search box type “cmd” (without the ” marks). Do not press enter. Instead right click on the top search res­ult (cmd.exe) and select “Run as admin­is­trator”. In the com­mand win­dow type… cd \. Then type cd “pro­gram files (x86)\haali matroska split­ter” then run each of the com­mands above.

  2. gravatarMarixay

    I seem to have these pro­grams… that I didn’t install… and I can’t get rid of them… I tried this, but it didn’t work…