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For the last 9 months or so I’ve been experiementing with alternative android ROMs for my HTC Desire.  Whilst there is nothing particularly wrong with the official HTC ROM, they are often slow to release new versions of Android or Sense for older phones like the Desire.  I was keen to have some of the Sense 3 features, along with the sense website access to my phone.

I’ve tried various ROMs, included RCMix, InsertCoin, Evolutionary Sense, Crystal Kingdom, and AceSMOD.  All of them have worked, and provided similar features.  However, after much experimentation I’ve settled on AceSMod which I can highly recommend.  I’ve been running version 33 for nearly 2 months, and was using an earlier version for a month or so before that.  In that time, the ROM has proven to be at least as stable and reliable as any other, including the official HTC ROM.  I’ve had no issues with call quality or any other signals (wireless, 3G, GPS).  Battery life has been amongst the best, if not the best, that I’ve ever had.  All the features are there, and there are still regular updates (the most recent release is v40), to which I will be upgrading soon.  There are also various nice addons, including a battery icon mod.

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