0Google removes ad blocking apps: Get them here

It seems that the formerly “do no evil” google have decided to remove all ad block­ing apps from the Play Store.  For­tu­nately it has always been pos­sible to install apps dir­ectly from the APK files — as long as you can find them.  The 3 most pop­u­lar ad block­ing apps are still avail­able to down­load in apk format, all you need to do is enable the installing of apps from “unknown sources” some­where in your phones settings.

As I men­tioned above, before try­ing to install any of these apps you need to enable “unknown sources”.  This set­ting will be found in the main set­tings, then either applic­a­tions or secur­ity, then look for a set­ting that men­tions unknown sources and enable it.  You can then either down­load dir­ectly on your phone and install from the down­load menu, or you can down­load on your PC, copy the APKs to your phone (e.g. via USB) and use a file-man­ager app (e.g. ES File Explorer) to install them.


My per­son­al favour­ite ad block­ing app has always been AdFree by BigTin­Can.  Find­ing the APK was­n’t very easy, but it turns out that it can be down­loaded dir­ectly from BigTinCan.com.

AdBlock Plus

AdB­lock Plus is also avail­able dir­ectly from its home at AdBlockPlus.org but note that it only blocks ads when using WiFi.


AdAway is avail­able from the F‑Droid app repos­it­ory.

If you’re unable to get the apk files from any of the ori­gin­al loc­a­tions then please let us know by com­ment­ing below.  You can vis­it our [int­link id=“741” type=“page”]downloads[/intlink] page for mir­rors, but we can­’t guar­an­tee to keep the mirrored cop­ies bang up-to-date though so please try the offi­cial sources first.

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