1Samsung Galaxy Note 2How to: Root the Samsung Galaxy Note 2

As I’ve noted before pretty much the first thing I do when I get a new phone is root it.  This time around its the turn of my partners Galaxy Note 2.  Below I will summarise the steps which are very similar to those I used for my own Samsung Galaxy S3.

  1. Make sure the phone drivers are installed.  You can do this by installing Samsung Kies, or you can get the drivers on their own from xda-developers.
  2. I recommend installing Kies – as you may as well update to the latest release at the same time.  Kies can take quite a long time to install, and seemed to me to go into a “hotfix” loop, but I was patient enough for it to complete successfully
  3. Press and hold the vol down, home and power buttons, for approx 20 sec, until the phone enters download mode, with text which starts “warning”.  Press the up vol to continue.
  4. Download the latest cf-auto-root for the Note 2 from chainfire (update 11-Dec-2012: cf-auto-root has replaced cf-root)
  5. Download odin3 3.04 from xda-developers.
  6. Connect the phone cable to the PC and run odin.  You should get a yellow box
  7. Click on PDA and point to the downloaded chainfire file – in TAR format (if its still a zip you’ll need to extract the TAR from inside the zip)
  8. Click start
  9. The process should take about a minute

Once you’re up and running take a look at my list of recommended android apps which is updated every 6 months or so.  See the related posts section below for the latest version.

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When I root the Note 2 will I lose any of the functionality of the phone? Like will my S Pin stop working? I am on AT&T will I gain the multi-view screen option?