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I’ve recently changed the ver­sion of Android I run on my HTC Desire. This was an excuse to write a fol­low-up to my pre­vi­ous list of favour­ite apps 1 and list of favour­ite apps 2

Android Agenda Wid­getby Every­body all the timeAndroid Agenda on Android Mar­ket (Android devices only)Excel­lent and highly cus­tom­is­able cal­en­dar widget
Cam­erAlertby PocketGPSWorld.com LtdCam­erAlert on the Android Mar­ket (Android devices only)Plu­gin for Sat Nav apps which provies alerts for speed cam­er­as, using the Pock­et­G­PSWorld database.
Juice Defend­erby LatedroidJuiceDefend­er on the Android Mar­ket (Android devices only)Very power­ful bat­tery life saver.
AutoDe­leteSMSby Jetpad.orgAutoDe­leteSMS on Android Mar­ket (Android devices only)Remove SMS mes­sages after a cer­tain­time, or after a cer­tain num­ber of texts from each contact.
SMS Popupby Adam KSMS Popup on Android Mar­ket (Android devices only)Pops up text mes­sages and allows instant reply.
Sound Man­ager v2by Daniel RoozenSound Man­ager on Android Mar­ket (Android devices only)Use­ful for pre­vent­ing the volume con­trol chan­ging your volume without permission.
ES File Man­agerby EStrongs Inc.ES File Man­ager on Android Mar­ket (Android devices only)Man­age files on your android phone.
TV Guide UKby tv24.co.ukTV-Guide UK on Android Mar­ket (Android devices only)Full guide to UK TV.
Google Gogglesby Google Inc.Google Goggles on Android Mar­ket (Android devices only)Search the inter­net using pho­to’s you’ve taken with the phone camera.
Google Sky Mapby Google Inc.Google Sky Map on Android Mar­ket (Android devices only)Shows you what’s in the sky, stars, plan­ets, con­stel­la­tions. Uses the GPS and inbuilt compass.
GMailby Google Inc.GMail on Android Mar­ket (Android devices only)Man­age your GMail from your phone
Face­book for Androidby Face­bookFace­book for Android on Android Mar­ket (Android devices only)Access your Face­book account from your phone.
Google Mapsby Google Inc.Google Maps on Android Mar­ket (Android devices only)Google Maps on your phone.
handy­C­alc Cal­cu­lat­orby mmimhandy­C­alc Cal­cu­lat­or on Android Mar­ket (Android devices only)Ver­sat­ile cal­cu­lat­or and unit converter.
Shazamby Shazam Enter­tain­ment Lim­itedShazam on Android Mar­ket (Android devices only)Auto­mat­ic music recognition.
Tun­eIn Radioby Tun­eIn IncTun­eIn Radio on Android Mar­ket (Android devices only)Access lots of radio sta­tions, include BBC Radio 5 Live Sports Extra.
Digit­ally Impor­ted Radio by Audi­oAd­dict IncDigit­ally Impor­ted Radio on Android Mar­ket (Android devices only)Digit­al stream­ing of elec­tron­ic music.
Adobe Flash Play­erby Adobe Sys­temsAdobe Flash Play­er on Android Mar­ket (Android devices only)Enable Flash anim­a­tions on your phone browser.
Google+by Google Inc.Google+ on Android Mar­ket (Android devices only)Access your Google+ account from your phone.
Cricbuzz Crick­et Scoresby Cricbuzz.comCricbuzz Crick­et Scores on Android Mar­ket (Android devices only)Live crick­et scores widget.
gvSig Mini Mapsby Prodevel­opgvSig Mini Maps on Android Mar­ket (Android devices only)Altern­at­ive to Google Maps which includes O/S map data and more. Use­ful for find­ing routes along footpaths.
Wifi Ana­lyz­erby far­procWifi Ana­lyz­er on Android Mar­ket (Android devices only)Acts like the fam­ous Net Stum­bler. Provides inform­a­tion on all nearby wire­less broadcasts.
Google Trans­lateby Google Inc.Google Trans­late on Android Mar­ket (Android devices only)Trans­late instantly between mul­tiple lan­guages. Take pics with the cam­era and trans­late them.
Street View on Google Mapsby Google Inc.Street View on Google Maps on Android Mar­ket (Android devices only)Add street view to Google Maps on Android.
Voice Searchby Google Inc.Voice Search on Android Mar­ket (Android devices only)Voice search app by Google.

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