2Set up “home assistant” on a windows PC

As I’ve written about before I have a range of “smart home” devices that I’ve been gradually experimenting with. One of the greatest frustrations of linking some of them is that many force you to go via “the cloud” which even with high speed internet can lead to delays of multiple seconds for some tasks (“ok google, mute kodi”) for example. I’ve decided to give the free “home assistant” a try. As usual with anything linux based, getting it up and running just isn’t straight forward. Here’s how…

First, download and install the latest version of python (v3.5+ is required). For convenience choose the option to add python to the path on the first page of the installer
Next, download and install the “Microsoft Visual C++ Build Tools” from Microsoft
Next download the “home assistant” file from GitHub as a zip and unzip it into %USERPROFILE%
Open an administrative command prompt, switch to the folder where you extracted “home assistant” and type the following, giving each command time to complete.
pip3 install sqlalchemy
pip3 install netdisco
pip3 install warrant
pip3 install homeassistant
py -m homeassistant –open-ui

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gravatarken maher

Everything seems to be ok except for the last command (py -m homeassistant -open-ui) I get a message “c:\users\Ken\AppData\Local programs\Python\Python-32\Python.exe: No module named homeassistant
I’m guessing I’m in the wrong directory or my path needs work.

gravatarJon Scaife

Are you running that command whilst in the directory you extracted homeassistant to? I did write this 3 years ago so it may be that the module name has changed in the meantime but it is definitely worth checking you’re in the right location first.