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0BT Mesh WiFi

After replacing my BT SmartHub with a pfsense router, I’ve been looking to upgrade the house WiFi as well. Most devices are wired as most rooms have wired connections I fitted for my parents years ago when wireless was barely a reality. However phones, tablets, e-readers, and laptops really do work best with wireless (or only with wireless in some cases), and to work well need a wireless system that enables mobility.
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0Wireless WiFi 802.11 ABGN LogoResolved: Wireless video streaming problem

I have a very strange issue which is causing problems playing videos over a wireless-n network.  Playing the videos causes the network to drop out after a short period.  Sometimes this only lasts for 2-3 seconds, which just causes a video stutter.  Other times the drop out is more permanent and takes nearly a minute to recover, unless the wireless radio is switched off and back on, whereupon reconnection occurs.
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14Boxee Remote LogoThe search for a HTPC remote-keyboard

I’ve been looking for a new (more versatile) remote control for my HTPC. At the moment I have to use a full-size keyboard as the remote control has no such facility. I’ve been looking for a suitable remote control with keyboard, and whilst I haven’t yet found quite the right thing I have found some interesting products…
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