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0Batch script to rename PC based on reserved DHCP name

I use WDS on a standalone server to set up new PCs and to reimage PCs when they have ended up mangled beyond repair. With a good number of PCs in my own house it is useful to reimage them ocasionally when swapping or upgrading hardware. Most of this process is now automated by an unattend.xml file but one step the unattended process doesn’t seem to support is renaming PCs back to their original name.
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0windows 8 logoMore WDS errors solved

WDS really is quite an unfriendly system. Clunky, fiddly, and prone ot failure without helpful error information. After updating some of my unattended files I was no longer able to carry out unattended installations, but have eventually solved the series of misleading errors
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0windows 8 logoAdding drivers to windows 10 boot image on WDS on Server 2012 R2

I have enough PCs in the house that I set up a WDS server to make it easier to reinstall windows if any of them go wrong. They have a lot of different hardware and so I needed to add some drivers to the boot image which is from a Windows 10 retail DVD. However, I got an error when trying to add them because the version of DISM used by WDS on server 2012 is older than the version required by Windows 10 images
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