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0windows 8 logoAdding drivers to windows 10 boot image on WDS on Server 2012 R2

I have enough PCs in the house that I set up a WDS server to make it easier to reinstall windows if any of them go wrong. They have a lot of different hardware and so I needed to add some drivers to the boot image which is from a Windows 10 retail DVD. However, I got an error when trying to add them because the version of DISM used by WDS on server 2012 is older than the version required by Windows 10 images
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3windows 8 logoHow to restore a proper UI to Windows 8 & Server 2012

Windows 8 and Server 2012 have now RTMed and as expected the good old UI of desktop and startmenu has been replaced with a horrible new UI (previously called Metro).  In their ultimate wisdom Microsoft have left no way to switch back to the old desktop/start menu system, but thanks to various tweaks and tools it is possible to get 90% of the interface restored – good enough to be fully usable.  Below I document the various steps and tweaks required.

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