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9Wordpress LogoRich Snippets code for the Twenty Eleven theme

I’ve previously detailed the code for enabling rich snippets in various wordpress themes (Mystique 2, Mystique 3, Thesis & Me Gusta) as well as some generic instructions. Below is a set of edits to enable rich snippets in the built-in wordpress twenty eleven theme.

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0Wordpress LogoRich snippets code for Me Gusta theme

I’ve previously covered theme edits for rich snippets for various themes including Mystique 2, Mystique 3ThesisTwenty Eleven as well as some generic instructions.  Below are details of the code for how to validate rich snippets in the Me Gusta by Cosmos theme.

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2Wordpress LogoRich snippets code for Mystique 3.x

I’ve previously written about rich snippets code for Mystique 2.  There are also generic instructions and code for the themes twenty elevenme gusta and thesis.  Below is updated code for Mystique 3

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0Wordpress LogoRich Snippets code for Mystique 2.x

In addition to this site I have a personal blog where, amongst other things, I post recipes. I’ve recently discovered google’s new recipe search, and have been looking to implement support for microformats / microdata. Google provide a tool for checking your markup, called the “rich snippets testing tool“. When I tried validating one of my recipes, I encountered various errors, which have taken me a while to track down and resolve. … Read Full Article

3windows 8 logoHow to restore a proper UI to Windows 8 & Server 2012

Windows 8 and Server 2012 have now RTMed and as expected the good old UI of desktop and startmenu has been replaced with a horrible new UI (previously called Metro).  In their ultimate wisdom Microsoft have left no way to switch back to the old desktop/start menu system, but thanks to various tweaks and tools it is possible to get 90% of the interface restored – good enough to be fully usable.  Below I document the various steps and tweaks required.

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22Wordpress LogoRich Snippets Code for Thesis Theme

In response to a query by Darko Kovancives on my previous article about fixing Rich Snippets code for the Mystique theme we have resolved the same issues with the Thesis theme.  Details of the changes required are below…. Read Full Article

62Wordpress LogoResolving Google’s Rich Snippets Testing Tool errors

Please note!

This article has now been superceded by a new article, which has been updated to use MicroData ( instead of MicroFormats.  If you still wish to use MicroFormats read on, but I recommend using MicroData and invite you to read the new article, which will continue to be updated with new information and new themes. New info on MicroData.

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0Windows Media Center eHome LogoFixed: Media Center 7 behind taskbar on startup

I’ve had a very irritating problem with my new Windows 7 Media Center HTPC setup. I have 7MC set to load fullscreen on startup (as the PC is a dedicated HTPC), but something I changed at some point was causing the taskbar to show on top of Media Center (i.e. Media Center didn’t have window focus) and therefore my remote control didn’t work until using the mouse function to click on Media Center to refocus it (at which point the taskbar disappears).
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