0Getting the most out of HikVision Cameras

I have a 4Mpix HikVision mini dome camera for CCTV on the house. It provides a pretty reasonable picture considering the price, but the management interface is a bit rubbish and getting it set up with anything is a bit of a nuisance, so heres some notes on getting it working…

First, some credit to Kyle at the use-ip forums for posting some helpful information.


It is well worth updating the firmware but HikVision don’t make this easy to find. My camera is a DS-2CD1341-I, but googling for it doesn’t help reveal any firmware for it. You need to know that it is often refered to by HikVision as part of the 1×41 series or the R6 platform. At time of writing (1st May 2020) the latest firmware for all R6 cameras including mine is 5.5.82, which is available from HikVision Europe.


Despite recent firmware hikvision haven’t figured out a way to write a plugin for Chrome or Firefox, so you are forced to use the very ancient Internet Explorer 11 to do things like update the firmware on the camera!

Adding to Milestone XProtect

You need to enable the camera’s ONVIF feature, which is found in Network -> Advanced Settings -> Integration Protocol
Set a username and password to access the camera with ONVIF
Once ONVIF is enabled, in milestone add the camera manually by expanding “Recording Servers”, then right click on your server name and select “add hardware”. Select the manual option, use the add button and add the ONVIF username and password you set on the camera, then click next. Select “clear all” and then scroll down to ONVIF and expand it and select “ONVIF Conformant Device” and click next. On the next page enter just the IP address of the camera, and click next. From here it should be successfully detected and you can click next and yes through the rest of the menus

Accessing streams directly

I found at least 2 paths that work to access the stream from my camera directly. These will work in something like VLC player, but can’t be web-streamed as they are RTSP which no browsers natively support.

  • rtsp://username:password@ip-address:554/Streaming/channels/101
  • rtsp://username:password@ip-address:554/h264/ch1/main/av_stream

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