Fur­ther to my post yes­ter­day, I dis­covered, via Nigel Dessau’s blog (closed by AMD since this art­icle was pub­lished), that ATI will be releas­ing a fix for this issue in the Cata­lyst 10.2 (Feb­ru­ary 2010) release. This is fant­astic news, thank you ATI!

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3 Responses to “ATI BBC HD Fix!”

  1. gravatarGensplejs

    Hmmm. This issue is also still present in Den­mark. DR-HD. The prob­lem is still there in the 10.3 driver :-(

  2. gravatarJon Scaife

    Actu­ally, what I said is entirely cor­rect. My post is titled “ATI BBC HD Fix”. They HAVE fixed BBC HD. I’m sorry they haven’t also fixed the issue you are hav­ing with another chan­nel, but I’m not sur­prised — as I under­stand it all ATI have done is imple­ment a work­around for the issue which is really a com­pat­ib­il­ity issue between the encoders used by some broad­casters, and the Microsoft codec used for decod­ing in Win­dows 7. I have seen the same cor­rup­tion with Intel and nVidia video, but (like the now fixed BBC on ATI) the cor­rup­tion is only very brief at the start of view­ing. This clearly points to a deeper prob­lem that is not spe­cific to one GPU man­u­fac­turer. I believe it may be pos­sible to work around this for all chan­nels on all GPU’s by using an altern­at­ive codec, but as I under­stand it there are only altern­at­ives (e.g. Cyber­link codec) for Win­dows 7 x86. If you run x64 (as I do) then no such luck.

  3. gravatarSébastien Pet

    This issue has NOT been fixed. It may work for BBC HD (good for you), but I still get the bug for ALL French HD DVB–T chan­nels in Media Cen­ter. The graph­ical cor­rup­tion is now slightly dif­fer­ent but more frequent.