5FFmpeg LogoMedia Codecs and Utilities for Windows 7 x64

Here is a quick list of links to use­ful x64 codecs and related util­it­ies that are com­pat­ible with Win­dows 7 x64 (64-Bit) edi­tion…

There are some issues unin­stalling Haali — see the art­icle on how to manu­ally unre­gister it.

There are also some issues with the Xiph codecs — see the art­icle about that.

Updated 3-Jan-10 with new Haali Split­ter link

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5 Responses to “Media Codecs and Utilities for Windows 7 x64”

  1. gravatarTom

    Since you are advising people to install the xiph codecs are you also telling them how to fix the broken WMP Open dia­log that it breaks?It used to have a a media type drop­down list. After installing xiph codecs, this drop­down is gone for good.

    • gravatarJon Scaife

      So it is. To be hon­est I hadn’t noticed. You can still type “*.exten­sion” in the open dia­log box to fil­ter by exten­sion which is what I’ve always done. To be fair — Win­dows 7 still isn’t even out yet — any­one installing x64 codecs on it ought to be tech­nical enough to expect and cope with a few rel­at­ively minor bugs. Hope­fully the prob­lem with the xiph codecs is either fixed, or will be soon. Cheers for the info, if I find a work-around or fix (or if the codecs get fixed) I’ll post accordingly.

      • gravatarTom

        Also… If you change the BurnCD path to the x64 player you will break your abil­ity to burn CD’s from WMP12. Maybe you should not just copy other peoples meth­ods (ChrisNT) in the hopes that they have it cor­rect and come up with some ori­ginal, or at least TESTED, meth­ods. Have a nice day.

        • gravatarJon Scaife

          Thank you Tom for your help­ful and con­struct­ive offer­ing. I don’t know any­one who burns CDs with WMP12, but any­one who needs to burn a CD and does use WMP can always switch to one of the many altern­at­ives, for example CDBurn­erXP which is free. As for what you said about “copy­ing other peoples meth­ods…” — it doesn’t stand up to scru­tiny. Even a curs­ory glance at the posts on DIYMH will make it evid­ent that I give credit to any sources I’ve used to resolve issues. I’d like to point out that I make no per­sonal gain from run­ning this site — it takes up time for no bene­fit to me. It exists merely in hope that it may on occa­sion be use­ful to oth­ers. What I write here is always based on my actual exper­i­ence, in other words what has worked for me. In this case I have a Win­dows 7 x64 based HTPC and I spent a great deal of time, using many many resources from all over the net, get­ting it work­ing how I wanted. This post was simply a pointer to remind myself what codecs I had used. Rather than simply cre­at­ing a private doc­u­ment I put all my thoughts and find­ings into an art­icle in the hope that someone else may find some of it use­ful. If you don’t find it help­ful that’s fair enough — but there is no need to come here and post snip­ing com­ments — try put­ting some­thing con­struct­ive into the world instead :)