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0HTC Desire Android LogoSamsung Galaxy Nexus Prime v Apple Iphone 4S

With the recent release of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus Prime and the Apple Iphone 4S, I thought I’d do a quick comparison of the 2 devices.  I’ve also included data and specs for 2 other high-end recent smartphones, the HTC Sensation XE and the Motorola Atrix 2.

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3Apple logoIphone 4S: Just a disappointing catch-up

So, I see that Apple have released the latest iteration of their “amazing” iphone.  Each time a new iproduct gets released I find myself yelling at TV, Radio ads, and other ignorant people who don’t seem to realise that their is nothing special about Apple products.  This time I’m going to share a few thoughts publicly instead.  I’ve just watched the official release video over on the Apple website.  So, with that as the basis, here are my thoughts on the “new” features in the iphone 4S…
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4LG Viewty KU990i LogoPC Suite for LG Viewty Lite KU990i

One of my family owns an LG Viewty Lite KU990i (note: the original Viewty is a KU990 which includes a stylus that the Lite ‘i’ version lacks) and asked for my assistance in connecting it to their PC. The problem is that LG seem to support the KU990, but not the KU990i. The phone was not supplied with any software or cable, but my family member had obtained a cable in the expectation of downloading the software from LG. Apparently this is too much to ask. The KU990 was apparently provided with LG PC Suite version 2, and I found various posts around the net stating that LG had said that version 2 would also work with the 990i, however, despite obtaining a copy of LG PC Suite 2 I was unable to communicate with the phone successfully. Eventually I was led to try LG PC Suite 3, and with some fiddling was eventually able to get communication working.
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0Nokia 6101 logoGetting a Nokia 6101 working via CA-42 cable with PC Suite

I’ve had some real issues connecting an old Nokia 6101 to a laptop via a genuine Nokia CA-42 cable. Despite repeated attempts to get help from Nokia the problem remained unresolved until recently. The procedure which appears to have resolved the issue is as follows

  1. Remove the nokia cable driver supplied with PC Suite. This can be achieved by downloading the installer for the cable driver, running it, and choosing to remove. This leaves PC Suite intact. but removes the driver for the CA-42 cable which didn’t seem to work.
  2. Download and extract the alternative cable driver, available on the downloads page
  3. Plug in the cable and when windows detects it and prompts for a driver, point it to the extracted alternative driver