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0MiFlora Plant Sensors in Home Assistant

I’ve been suing the MiFlora Home Assistant integration to get data on various house plants for a while. However along the way I’ve had to overcome various hurdles including limited range of bluetooth, battery life issues, and getting the battery values to report. I finally seem to have cracked all of these and now have a system that works reliably with lots of plants around the house. I’ve summarised what I’ve used below.

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1Remove any device from home assistant

I’ve now been using home assistant for several years and most of the early challenges and learning-curves have been over-come. However, there has been a long-standing issue that is a constant frustration – removing old devices doesn’t have a standard approach and in some case is impossible from the GUI. There is a way though.
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0Updating firmware on Conbee II stick for Home Assistant

I use a ConBee II USB stick for my zigbee mesh in Home Assistant. I wanted to update the firmware and found it is easiest to do this by shutting down HA, unplugging the stick and using a windows machine to update it, then putting it back into the HA system and booting HA back up. There are full instructions for the process in Windows on Dresden Elektronik’s website

0Bin collections in Home Assistant

I’ve been developing my Home Assistant based smarthome setup for around a year now (since leaving SmartThings) and after an initial steep learning curve I’ve been veyr happy with home assistant so I have started working to expand the things it does as I am conifdent it offers a long term basis for my smarthome. One thing I wanted to add was bin collection data to remind me which bin is due when. As I live in Sheffield I needed to pull this data from the local authorities out-sources provider (veolia). The following details how I did this, building very much on the work of others who have done it already for other regions
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0Getting OpenZWave working with Home Assistant

I am slowly migrating my smarthome setup to HomeAssistant which, as with most open-source projects, is pretty unfriendly to start with and takes some learning to use. I have an Aeotec ZStick and an Aeotec Doorbell 6 which work via Z-Wave and I wanted to customise the tones and reduce the volume a little. You’d think it would be easy right?
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0Old Foscam FI8918W in Milestone XProtect

I’ve recently been on a tool buying spree and decided I now need a degree of security for my garage. I also have an old VGA foscam camera sat unused in a box and a functioning CCTV server system, so I figured I might as well set the foscam up inside the garage – not only would it help identify anyone who was in there who shouldn’t be, it will also help me know where I left that tool I just can’t find, and if the neighbours cat has got locked in there again
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