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0BBC HD LogoBBC HD to become BBC2 HD

I’ve been a little slow getting round to updating content on the site recently, and this news was one item that got left behind.  The BBC have announced that BBC HD is to be replaced by BBC2 HD.  The majority of content on BBC HD was from BBC2 anyway, so most will notice little difference, but expect a new logo and minor changes to the programme line-up.  The expected switchover date is 6am on Tuesday 26th March.

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0ITV-HD LogoITV-HD as a proper channel

ITV-HD is finally available as a proper channel. For anyone manually tuning a freesat box of Media Center PC you need to add 10832MHz with 22600 ksymbols on horizontal. 2 extra channels should appear called 10000 and 10001. I can’t remember the channel numbers (and I have now renumbered them) but there were between 1000 and 1100 I think.
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0Freesat HD LogoExtra Freesat channels

Update: ITV-HD has changed. See this newer article

It seems that Windows Media Center 7 doesn’t find all the channels that are FTA on the main UK Satellite group, the Astra 2D group at 28.2º East. I imagine many Freesat boxes wont either. Here are the frequencies for a few fully Free-To-Air English language channels available on this satellite cluster…
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0Freesat HD LogoGet free-to-air HD Satellite TV for under £100

I recently got fed up with my poor TV reception and inability to get BBC via Freeview and decided to investigate Freesat. Looking at the high street the best deals I could find were £70 for a viewer box + £80 for installation (a total of £150). For recording facilities this rises steeply to over £300 for the box + installation. This looks to me a bit like an early-adopters-tax so I decided to search for alternatives. The outcome of my research was that it is easy and relatively cheap to obtain and install all the necessary equipment to set up Freesat on a PC. As it happens I actually already had a media PC so this solution was ideal for me.

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