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0Google Earth LogoGoogle Earth: How to fix poor quality overlays

I’ve recently had some problems with displaying large overlays (generated from NASA SRTM data) in Google Earth. Although the overlay data I exported was very detailed google earth was displaying a blurry mess which was impractical for my intended purpose. Searching around on the ‘net didn’t reveal anything useful so as a last resort I tried switching from “Direct X” to “Open GL” mode (under tools: options).
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0NoScript logoImprove your browsing security without crippling lots of sites

I always recommend that people install an alternative browser to Internet Explorer. Personally I prefer Firefox to the other alternatives (Chrome, Opera, Safari) as I find the huge number of addons on offer give it an unassailable advantage. I’ve recently experimented with the NoScript addon, which enhances security by blocking active objects and scripts unless explicitly approved. However I found that I was forever having to grant permission to every site I visited for it to work correctly.
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2Haali Matroska logoUninstall Haali Media Splitter x64

There is a beta (or maybe its Alpha) installer for Haali Media Splitter x64 out and about (for links to the installer see my previous post on windows 7 x64 codecs). Sadly the uninstall seems to be broken, which can cause havoc when trying to diagnose codec issues. To remove Haali completely you need to unregister the following files manually using regsvr32 /u filename (from a command prompt run as administrator)
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0Serial Key LogoReplacing an invalid Win XP key with a genuine key

If you’ve ever been asked to fix a PC and have subsequently discovered it has a non-genuine or inappropriate Windows XP key installed, and you wish to update the key with a legitimate key, for example when a second hand laptop has been installed with a corporate key and needs updating with the OEM key from the sticker still attached to it, you may have run into problems switching between OEM, Volume and Retail versions of windows.
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0Freesat HD LogoExtra Freesat channels

Update: ITV-HD has changed. See this newer article

It seems that Windows Media Center 7 doesn’t find all the channels that are FTA on the main UK Satellite group, the Astra 2D group at 28.2º East. I imagine many Freesat boxes wont either. Here are the frequencies for a few fully Free-To-Air English language channels available on this satellite cluster…
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0Microsoft Security Essentials LogoFree Anti-Virus from Microsoft

Microsoft have released (a few weeks ago) a free Beta of their new Anti-Virus / Security product Microsoft Security Essentials. Unfortunately as a UK resident when I visit the official Microsoft page I am told “This beta is available only to customers in the United States, Israel, China and Brazil”. A quick google search quickly turns up a download link on SoftPedia which works. There are downloads of x86 and x64 versions of Security Essentials for Windows XP, Vista and 7

0AMD Radeon Graphics LogoInstalling Mobility Radeon drivers from ATi

Update: Catalyst Mobility drivers are now available for many cards from ATi. (as of Catalyst version 10.3)

It seems to be very difficult to obtain reasonably up-to-date drivers for the ATi graphics chips in many laptops. This is because the OEMs have asked ATi not to provide generic drivers direct to the end user, ostensibly to reduce support requests from users with drivers not tested by the OEM’s. This seems perfectly reasonable, but the sad fact is most OEM’s only update the drivers for a new laptop model a few times and soon abandon it as they concentrate on the next generation release. For those people trying to update their drivers to address a problem or to gain access to new features there are no clear options. Fortunately there are ways around this problem.
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0PC Hardware CPU RAM UpgradeDon’t use too much TIM!

A quick note of warning about applying Thermal Grease / Heatsink Compound to CPU’s. Don’t use loads! Not only will it not work very effectively, if you really go overboard it can leak over the sides of the cpu and get underneath as it has in the image. This CPU (A pentium 4) was given to me as “I think its broken”.
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