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0FLAC LogoFull Flac support in Media Center x64

Following on from an earlier article, I have been continuing to work on getting my music collection working in Windows 7 Media Center. The problem I have had is that although there are codecs from xiph which support playback of flacs in 64bit players (see this post) there are (as far as I’m aware) no tag extenders compatible with 64bit.  After banging my head against a wall for ages I eventually had a breakthrough.
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1Windows Media Center eHome LogoSpeeding up WMP12 & 7MC media library database

One of the problems with my HTPC that I have only just started looking at is how to use it to play and manage my large collection of audio CD’s which I have painstakingly ripped to FLAC’s. The Xiph codecs (see previous articles here and here) make it possible to play FLACs in 64bit media center, but the media library was incredibly slow.
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0Windows Media Player LogoSwitching the default WMP to x64 in Windows 7

One of the strangest things in Windows 7 x64 is the presence of both x86 and x64 versions of Windows Media Player 12. Even stranger is that despite Windows Media Center being 64bit only (and therefore requiring 64bit codecs) Microsoft saw fit to set the default WMP12 version to the x86 edition. For those of us who don’t wish to maintain 2 sets of codecs it is desirable to change this default status. However, Microsoft do not appear to have provided a simple way to do this as yet. So here’s how…
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0Windows Media Player LogoOutputting WMP Videos to second display

When using a PC with a second display (for example a laptop with a data projector) it is often a common problem to find that a video played with Windows Media Player will only display on the primary display, and not on the secondary output.

There are various different configurations which contribute to this behaviour – Windows settings, Windows Media Player settings and Graphics Card driver settings.
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