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4Sleep and WOL with Intel 82567LM-3

I have a couple of old USFF Dell Optiplex 760 PCs that have a built-in Intel 82567LM-3 gigabit ethernet connection. Getting this adapter to work with both Sleep (S3 Suspend to RAM) and WOL (Wake on LAN) has proven very tricky. The PC originally came with Windows Vista and as a business class PC you’d expect these 2 features to work but it has always been a battle to get them working.
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2Samsung Galaxy S3Samsung Galaxy S3 & Note 2: Mods, tips & tweaks

I’ve had my Galaxy S3 a little over a month already and have slowly been compiling a worthwhile list of tips and tweaks that I use and can recommend to other users.  I’ve updated the list to include tips for the Galaxy Note 2 which my partner now has.  Many of these may also apply to other Samsung or even other android phones, but some are specific to the galaxy S3 or Galaxy Note 2.  By all means try them regardless of phone and let us know how you get on…. Read Full Article

5Samsung Galaxy S3How to: Root the Samsung Galaxy S3

Pretty much the first thing I do when I get a new phone is root it.  First and foremost this allows me to install and enable adfree – which is getting increasingly essential on android.  On previous phones this was often tricky, altho in the last couple of years it has steadily got easier.  This time it was the turn of my new Samsung Galaxy S3.  Below I will summarise the steps in my own way, but I had a look at several guides on the net and the best one I found was on AndroidAuthority.

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0Samsung Galaxy S3Samsung Galaxy S3 ‘v’ Asus eeePC 901

There are plenty of reviews out there comparing the latest phones, the latest tablets and the latest notebooks, but very few ever reference something more than 18 months old.  Most people don’t upgrade their kit anywhere near that frequently which makes the comparisons rather useless.  In the 4-5 year timeframe which is a more typical upgrade cycle for most people there have been huge changes to the computing power available.

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