2Blackgold BGT3630 LogoProblem with BlackGold 36xx TV Cards

I’ve been hav­ing on-off issues for a while with my TV-Serv­er.  I run DVBLink on top of Win­dows Serv­er which allows me to share my TV sig­nals to all my PCs, Android phones, PS3, Xbox and oth­er DLNA devices.  How­ever, I’ve had an issue where seem­ingly at ran­dom I’ve lost the abil­ity to tune some chan­nels.  Ini­tially I put this down to DVBLink, but after extens­ive test­ing it appears the prob­lem is with the TV cards.  Once the cards have lost tune this seems to last for a while in DVBLink, maybe it would­n’t have the same effect in a straight Win­dows Media Cen­ter setup.

Regard­less — the issue only seems to apply to DVB-T tuners, and hav­ing dis­abled all of these in DVBLink I have at least worked around the prob­lem.  The big down­side is that I have 4 DVB-T tuners which are now unavail­able, and only 3 DVB-S tuners which I can use.  Whilst not the end of the world — I paid for 7 tuners, and that’s what I wish to use!  Black­Gold were sup­posed to have issued a fix by now so hope­fully one is on the way soon.  In the mean­time — if you have black­gold tuners and you’ve been hav­ing tun­ing issues inter­mit­tently — this could well be the source of the problem.

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I have one of these and it is bug­ging the h**l out of me with inter­mit­tent faults in the pic­ture as if there was a sig­nal prob­lem. It isn’t likely as I can switch to the freeview tuner in my tv and get a per­fect pic­ture. In HD the prob­lem is even worse mak­ing the pro­gramme unwatchable.

I’m hop­ing that when I get the sat dish con­nec­ted the prob­lem will go away, but I’m also so sick of it I might just trade in to a dif­fer­ent tuner.