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0Nexus RealSilent 120 Orange Fan LogoStability issues

I’ve been having some stability issues with my HTPC recently. A reinstall didn’t help so I concluded it was hardware. Removing all non essentials didn’t help either so I figured it must be CPU, memory or mobo related. Nothing is overclocked or tweaked and its all fairly recent brand name kit. I stress tested the CPU and memory without causing either to fail, but I continued to get occasional lockups and intermittent sluggish performance.
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0PC Hardware CPU RAM UpgradeDon’t use too much TIM!

A quick note of warning about applying Thermal Grease / Heatsink Compound to CPU’s. Don’t use loads! Not only will it not work very effectively, if you really go overboard it can leak over the sides of the cpu and get underneath as it has in the image. This CPU (A pentium 4) was given to me as “I think its broken”.
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