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0Media Player Classic - Home Cinema LogoPlay BluRays and DVD’s in MediaCenter with MPC-HC

I’ve long run Windows Media Center on my HTPCs in combination with DVBLink and MediaBrowser. However, recently we have been watching more physical disks than in the past, and I have found various issues with Media Center. Usually I have MPC-HC configured as an external player, but doing this for physical disks proved less than simple. Eventually however, I have managed to get it working flawlessly.

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0AVStoDVDHow to burn files to compliant DVD-Video

As I’ve documented well on this blog I run all my TV through a server and Windows Media Center. Occasionally I want to archive some recorded TV to DVD. Not a DVD of data-files, but a standards-compliant video DVD that will play in set top players. This isn’t always straight forward as proper DVDs have to conform to various standards, including being encoded in MPEG2 and having a PAL or NTSC resolution (480p or 576p). Most of what I have recorded is 1080p and I also have some 720p, and most of this is encoded using H.264. So turning these files into a standard DVD video means both recoding and resizing the videos…. Read Full Article

0Yahama DSP-E800 LogoGetting high end sound from your PC

For many people, there’s either sound or no sound, the quality doesn’t really come into it. For others, specification and bragging rights rule: bit-rates, sampling frequencies, bandwidth, power handling.  For many a simple set of pc speakers will do very nicely, especially if there are 6 or more of them (more is better, right?)  But what do you do if you want awesome sound from your computer?  What do you do if you are an audiophile on a budget?  What if you play games and want surround sound but play music through the same system?  There are many choices and this could get very expensive and complex, but it doesn’t have to.

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0Creating Windows 7 DVD from digital distribution

I got my copy of windows 7 via digital purchase, and after running the downloaded EXE was left with the contents of a setup CD in a folder. Now i want to do a clean install so I need to create a bootable DVD. A bit of googling revealed the way to do this. Download and install WAIK for windows 7 from microsoft. Install it, and then use the command line as follows…
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