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0Ultrabook logo laptop vaio sonyBluetooth drivers for Sony Vaio unknown device

I was recently asked to look at a Sony Vaio VPCSB which was detecting new hardware on every Windows boot.  The machine was otherwise working well.  Upon inspection I discovered that there were several unknown devices which seemed to be related to Bluetooth.  I reinstalled the latest drivers from the Sony website but this failed to clear the unknown devices.  The search was on…… Read Full Article

0adobeRestoring Adobe Application Manager updates

In a recent update to Creative Suite 6 Adobe have changed the functionality of the Application Manager.  This used to launch the same Application Updates window that is available when selecting Help: Updates from within any Adobe App, but it now launches a login window for Creative Cloud, which not all CS6 users have or want.  A simple change will have the original functionality restored

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0MS Office LogoBatch convert old MS Office documents

I’ve been trying to sort out an enormous (100+GB) or teaching resources that I’ve built-up over the years.  After the obvious steps (deleting empty, temp and duplicated files) and sorting the big files (e.g. videos, application installers) I was left with a large number of office documents.  I am slowly working through these, but many of them are 2003 or even older format documents – some as old as Word 6!  Every time I open one of these files I am prompted with various security warnings.  Whist these can be turned off (see below) it is more secure to leave them on, and I wanted to convert all the files to office 2007 (docx, xlsx etc) formats.  Batch conversion was definitely the way to go.

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6Microsoft Office Excel 2010Conditional formatting for grades v targets

So, in my other life I’m actually a science teacher, and as it usually gets round that I’m “good with computers” I usually get asked to have a look at a few things.  Twice in the last few months I’ve been asked if I’d set up conditional formatting in excel to colour code student test results compared to their target grades.  Whilst not exactly related to the core content of this site, it is still DIY technical help so I decided to publish a full set of instructions here.  Enjoy…

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0Settlers IIResurrecting a very old post: VGA fix for Settlers 2

Thanks to a request by dhd in a comment on the downloads page, I decided to go looking through backups of my old websites.  Below is a posted I wrote around 2003/04 about how to fix problems with running the game Settlers 2 on Windows XP.  I’m pretty certain the same wont work on newer versions of Windows sadly, but for those XP users still out there who want to play your (very) old copy of Settlers 2 – enjoy…

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0AMD Vision Fusion Premium LogoFixed: AMD E350 crashes & invalid boot device error

I’ve had an AMD E350 system for over a year, which I use as my primary HTPC. However, in that time I’ve always had ocasional Stability issues where the system would lock up, reboot, and fail to find the primary HDD. At first I put this down to the HDD – a Seagate Momentus XT, which was known to be unreliable when it was first released. Since Seagate released update firmware however the drive has seemed to operate fine, although I couldn’t rule it out. I also updated the BIOS of my Asus E35M1-M Pro and updated all the drivers I could find, without fully resolving the issue.

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