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0Windows Media Center eHome LogoSolution to Media Center Library Error

A couple of days ago I star­ted get­ting an error on my HTPC when I tried to change lib­rary loc­a­tions — either adding or remov­ing.  Media Cen­ter shows the error which says “A neces­sary com­pon­ent of win­dows media cen­ter did not start prop­erly. Restart win­dows media cen­ter”.  I under­stand this error can also affect Media… Read more »

0Motorola NYXBoard QWERTY RemoteLooking beyond the boxee remote-keyboard

For a long time I’ve been search­ing for the ideal HTPC remote con­trol.  I want a fairly stand­ard remote, but with a QWERTY key­board on the back, or inside a flip/slide out part.  I’ve been track­ing the options in , and even­tu­ally ordered myself a Boxee remote a few months back.  The boxee is an… Read more »

14MC-TVConverterMC-TVConverter: An alternative to MCEBuddy?

I’ve been fol­low­ing the devel­op­ment of MCE­Buddy for a while now, as it was the only free way to transcode WTV files to a more com­pat­ible format.  It is still in Beta how­ever, and whilst it works it has 2 down­sides to my mind.  It transcodes the video which means an inev­it­able loss of qual­ity,… Read more »

0Media ServerA new Media Server

As I men­tioned recently, I am for a new res­id­ence.  Hav­ing already exper­i­mented suc­cess­fully with dvblink, I decided it was time to move my TV cards from my HTPC to my server and hand the duty of record­ing, transcod­ing and stor­ing TV to the server.

0Media Browser LogoMedia Browser 2.5.1 (Hydra SP1)

Media Browser 2.5.1 was released today. This is a release in line with pre­vi­ous SP1 releas­ing fol­low­ing new major ver­sions. A few per­form­ance issues and bugs have been addressed.

0DVB LogicPlanning a new networked home media setup

In the com­ing months I will be buy­ing a new prop­erty, and to go with my new home, I’ve been read­ing up lots on how I might integ­rate a new home media setup.  In recent months sev­eral excit­ing new options have become avail­able, which finally makes the sort of setup I have always desired a… Read more »

0Humax PVR-9200TCopy files from Humax PVR 9200T to PC

I own a couple of Humax PVT-9200T dual freeview PVRs, both of which are now quite full with recor­ded pro­grams.  Humax have provided a pro­gram called eLinker, but it isn’t very good.  A good altern­at­ive is Humax Media Con­trol­ler but unfor­tu­nately it doesn’t work with Win­dows x64, as Mike Dim­mick explains.  Thank­fully, Mike has also… Read more »