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0Enable access to the c$ share on Windows 7 and newer

I have a range of HTPCs running windows around the house, which I largely administer via remote desktop. Occasionally it is useful to access the root of the C drive remotely. Windows has always catered for this by creating some default administrative shares, which are hidden. The C drive is accessed via \\remote-pc\c$ for example. In windows 7 I found I wasn’t able to access these shares by default as they have been restricted (understandably). I needed a way to make them accessible again.
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0Group Policy LogoCustom ADM file for Windows Server 2003 / XP domain

I was digging thru an old back-up CD today and stumbled upon a custom ADM file I created when I was administering a Windows Server 2003 / Windows XP Domain. To use, copy the following code into notepad, save the file with a .adm extension on the system32 folder of a domain server. Open Group Policy editor and add the file, then browse to the “Technicians Settings” to enable any of the settings.
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0PC Hardware CPU RAM UpgradeSimple ways to make your PC much faster

There are lots of tips and advice out there on the internet about how to tweak the performance of your PC. Some of them have some useful tips, but the vast majority are of very little use, either because they are for the wrong operating system, or they don’t apply to your setup, or because they’re just plain wrong. When someone brings a PC to me and says its too slow, before I advise them to upgrade it (and that is always an option) I have a quick look for several things that are the leading cause of slow PC performance. Over 90% of the time carrying out the various steps detailed below results in a substantial improvement and a happy PC user.
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2Windows Media Center eHome LogoFull 7MC codec setup

I’ve previously posted several times about codec issues on 7mc, but I’ve now got a solution that is comprehensive, fairly simple and works consistently.  With a few free codecs and utilities you can have full decoding support, DXVA, subtitles and fantastic flexibility working in 64bit (or 32bit) Media Center.  The following instructions are specific to the x64 edition, but should work just as well on the 32bit edition.
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0Haali Matroska logoProblems with DS splitters playing a range of m2ts files

Ever since settings up a HTPC running Win7 Media Center I have had the occasional problem playing m2ts files. ffdshow supports all of the codecs used in m2ts files but still a few files play without without either audio or video, or the playback isn’t smooth despite more than ample hardware. I have experimented extensively with both haali matroska splitter and gabests mpeg splitter but both have their flaws.
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1Closed Captions Subtitles LogoSubtitles and DXVA in Windows Media Center 7 x64

Thanks to a guide on I have been able to get subtitles working with hardware accelerated decoding in Windows Media Center 7 x64.

For this simplified guide to work you must already be comfortable with the various tweaks necessary to change the default codecs used in Media Center. Once you know how to tweak codecs (and change their merits) you can simply follow these steps…
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