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0Alarm Clock LogoKeeping your HTPC clock in sync

I’ve had a long-standing issue with my HTPC where it loses a minute or two every day.  If I leave it switched on for weeks on end, with only standby utilised, I find that it starts missing the start or end of TV programmes due to having the wrong time.  I’ve tried modifying the windows time service settings to make it update regularly, but this hasn’t worked.  Thanks to an article on LifeHacker I recently stumbled upon I’ve now had an accurate clock for a couple of weeks…. Read Full Article

0AVStoDVDHow to burn files to compliant DVD-Video

As I’ve documented well on this blog I run all my TV through a server and Windows Media Center. Occasionally I want to archive some recorded TV to DVD. Not a DVD of data-files, but a standards-compliant video DVD that will play in set top players. This isn’t always straight forward as proper DVDs have to conform to various standards, including being encoded in MPEG2 and having a PAL or NTSC resolution (480p or 576p). Most of what I have recorded is 1080p and I also have some 720p, and most of this is encoded using H.264. So turning these files into a standard DVD video means both recoding and resizing the videos…. Read Full Article

8Warning: Not – Down for the count? No

Sad news – for the last few days has been showing a Server 500 error.  Now the owner (another Jon) has put up a message saying the site is broken and he may not be able to find time to fix it.  I for one am very much hoping to see back in the near future.  If that is not to be then I hope we will be able to source and provide a mirror of some of the outstanding resources that were previously available there.  RIP.

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14MC-TVConverterMC-TVConverter: An alternative to MCEBuddy?

I’ve been following the development of MCEBuddy for a while now, as it was the only free way to transcode WTV files to a more compatible format.  It is still in Beta however, and whilst it works it has 2 downsides to my mind.  It transcodes the video which means an inevitable loss of quality, and this also means it takes a long time to transcode each recording.  Around 4 hours for a 1Hr BBC HD recording on my Sempron LE-1100 server…. Read Full Article

0DVB LogicPlanning a new networked home media setup

In the coming months I will be buying a new property, and to go with my new home, I’ve been reading up lots on how I might integrate a new home media setup.  In recent months several exciting new options have become available, which finally makes the sort of setup I have always desired a real possibility…. Read Full Article

0Humax PVR-9200TCopy files from Humax PVR 9200T to PC

I own a couple of Humax PVT-9200T dual freeview PVRs, both of which are now quite full with recorded programs.  Humax have provided a program called eLinker, but it isn’t very good.  A good alternative is Humax Media Controller but unfortunately it doesn’t work with Windows x64, as Mike Dimmick explains.  Thankfully, Mike has also created a solution by patching some of the files, so that Humax Media Controller can now be used successfully in Windows 7 x64.  The only issue is that Windows must be booted with Driver Signing Enforcement disabled.